Pronounced “rah-stuh-claht”, this Long Beach brand is known for its braided bracelets, which are popular in action sports, art, music, and street culture scenes. Rastaclat’s bracelets, belts, and keychains are made from leather & shoe lace materials.

Founded: November 2010
Location: Long Beach, CA
Known for: Bracelets, Wristbands
Collection includes: Bracelets, wristbands, hats, belts, keychains
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Rastaclat Originator 5 Panel Camper Hat
Retail $38
Rastaclat Iron Woven Leather Belt
Retail $60
Rastaclat Gold Bracelet
Rastaclat Polo Bracelet
Retail $16
Rastaclat Amerigo Bracelet
Retail $16
Rastaclat Geronimo Bracelet
Rastaclat Vsop Bracelet
Rastaclat Hemp Bracelet
Retail $20
Rastaclat Camo Bracelet
Rastaclat Purp N Yellow Bracelet
Retail $12.99

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