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Canvas Print: Shaquille O'Neal


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Shaquille O'Neal by Canvas Print. 100% authentic Canvas Print merchandise.


  • Material: Cotton Canvas (acid free)
  • Dimensions: 18" x 12"
  • Depth: 0.75"
  • Manufactured on museum-quality heavy-weight cotton canvas using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Ink has been light-tested to last over 100 years.
  • Made with the best shrink-resistant Pine wooden-bar frame, which allows for tightening of the canvas from the reverse side.
  • Custom flush-mount wall hanging setup designed to let the canvas hang right against the wall.
  • Carefully hand-stretched and stapled on the reverse side with no staples visible once the piece is hung.
  • New and ready-to-be-displayed right out of the box canvas art piece.
  • Includes hanging accessory kit and instructions to achieve the best positioning results.
  • Origin: United States

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