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There's NO Way You Know All The Rappers On This Flowchart

Starting with academic jumping-off points like "Physical or Metaphysical Characteristics" and "Titles, Professions, or Honorifics," then tracking through subsets from "Audacious Misspellings" to "Body Parts," Pop Chart Lab's meticulously assembled "The Massive Map Of Hip Hop Monikers" is a 60in-by-40in flowchart that'll turn you into a guru in no time. Or, as soon as you figure out where to put such a gargantuan poster, that is.

From household names (Eminem, Biggie50 Cent) to cult favorites, to a whole section on A$AP Mob, more than 1,000 artists have been categorized and color-coded in this taxonomic constellation.
The web gets thick in the Crime corner, partially because of all these Guys Named Jay. They're just hovering right next to it... that's basically loitering!
Names in two categories are doubly connected, like Emcee Lynx (Feline, MCs), or Hawkman (Animal, Comic Book Character). Congratulations, "Cecil Otter," you're literally the only Cecil in hip hop!

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