Everything You Need To Know About Banksy's Month-Long NYC Adventure

On October 31st, Banksy's New York City street art spree reached its final resting place, a grim wall in Queens that functioned as an ideal location for the death of something fun. Beyond mere fun, Better Out Than In was 31 days of everything that Gotham is (massive/divisive/inspiring/commercial), right down to its most New York characteristic of all: being overwhelming as sh*t. A day after the Brit outlaw's historic home-away-from-homestand came to a close, we break down everything you need to know about his "artists residency" in NYC.

Arm yourself with all sorts of water-cooler factoids below, and arm your apartment with Banksy-inspired canvases from our curated shop.

Physical Pieces done in NYC during October 2013: 28
Manhattan: 11 (12 if you count "Reaper", but we'll get to that in a minute)
Brooklyn: 8
Queens: 3
Bronx: 2
Staten Island: 1 woman with ants in her pants.
Roaming: 3 trucks and a Ronald McDonald on the move.

Days of art canceled due to police activity: 1
Sites that contained blocked messages: 1
"Musicals": 3 (Occupy!, Playground Mob, and Dirty Underwear
Self-fulfilling quotations from Kelly Rowland on X Factor: Surprisingly not 0
Hours he hawked authentic "fake" canvases in Central Park: 7, all in one day.
Estimated value of EACH of these "fakes" after the reveal: $200,000 (they were going for $60 apiece during the stunt)
Number of "fakes" this one dude from Chicago bought: 4
People who hate themselves for passing by this booth and dismissing it as fake: A bajillion
Price of these incredibly slick replicas that you can buy right now: $35-70 USD
Trucks involved: 3 (that one above, plus this one, and this one)
Vehicles involved: 5. There was a steampunk horse-chariot thing, and "Reaper", this temporary bumpercar:
New York Times Op-Eds authored by Banksy himself: 1
Published New York Times Op-Ed authored by Bansky himself: 0
Articles this website wrote about Better Out Than In: Uh, like... 5?
Articles the rest of the internet wrote about Better Out Than In: Uh... like 5 million?
Despondent fascists: 1
Arrest rumors: 2. Things got dicey at Truck No. 1... then even dicier in the 79th Precinct.

"Banksy" Halloween costumes: Thousands
EXCLUSIVE "Bank$y ... in New York City" Halloween costumes: 1
Texts with fellow anonymous ne'er-do-well Hanksy: A whole bunch
Collaborations with Brazilian graffiti duo Os Gemeos: 2, both of which are totally hung

Rebels-without-a-cause named Omar who went around tagging Banksy's tags: 1
Amount he's related to Omar from The Wire: Apparently 0, but how awesome would that be?!?

First piece: "The Street Is In Play"; October 1st, Manhattan
Last piece: Inflatable homage to bubble-letter tags; October 31st, Queens

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