Old People Wearing Streetwear! Old People Wearing Streetwear!

Turns out that as hot as chicks modeling men's streetwear is, it isn't even a fraction of a Merino beanie as funny as old people modeling streetwear is. Sorry, hot chicks! To predict how the kids of tomorrow will view streetwear, photographer/Tumblr user/hero Dai Lyn Power broke out her camera for an adorably hilarious photo set of elderly Germans (the shoot appeared first in VICE Germany) wearing streetwear from brands of today, including HUF, Supreme & others.

The collection is called Our Generation, and none of its models are technically a part of it.
This septuagenarian is rocking Cuban links and a vintage Mickey Mouse crewneck, and might be ripping a selfie during a photo shoot. You will never be this cool.
Of course that's Three 6 Mafia on this dude's tee. The rap crew did a campaign with Supreme last year, and the resulting clothes are now worn by old German men.

Any other questions?
How do you say "2 CHAINZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!" in German? Yeah, that.

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