The Silk Road Of Menswear Will Change Your eBay Game Forever

Though not quite as esoteric/full of murder as the drug trade, eBay's menswear category is still annoying enough to make even seasoned bidders want to murder themselves. Enter Haberdashboard: an eBay-based search portal that lets you near-effortlessly parse the bidding giant's constant feed of tasty threads.

It's exactly like Silk Road... except instead of overnighting yourself Turkish badger tranquilizers to a P.O. box in Queens, you'll be shopping quality duds. Also the dude who invented it lives in Savannah, and by all accounts isn't currently facing infinity years in prison.

Alright, alright, so it's not exactly like Silk Road. But who cares?! Find out exactly how Haberdashboard is going to change your eBay game, below.

The site is controlled by an actual Haberdashboard — basically a central nervous system that lets you pare down actual, live auction results (by size, category, new/used, price, where it ships) way more efficiently than blindly flinging desperate apparel requests into eBay itself.

Better yet, set up an RSS feed for a Haberdashboard search you really care about, like "sick jacket Michael J. Fox wore in Teen Wolf" or whatever, and it'll be piped straight into your reader.
According to completely infallible sources (a Reddit thread, and the short history on its Twitter account), this gift from the eBay gods hit the internet just a few months back, so the Haberdashboard still ain't perfect. That said, like a pinball machine full of clothing, a little finesse goes a long way — enough to surface eBay gems like this vintage Barbour jacket liner. You're the Pinball Wizard now!
You're still thrown-off by Haberdashboard's spartan appearance and moderate jankiness? Understandable, but the guy behind it is constantly making improvements, and besides: Haberdashboard will never have your payment info.

You're still squandering your ENTIRE paycheck on Italian loafers you're never going to wear shopping on eBay itself, and if you don't trust that by now… lay off those badger tranquilizers, man.

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