When Fashion Designers Try Football, This Happens

Ahem. Drawn up by Bloomingdale's & the CFDA to celebrate New York City's role hosting Super Bowl XLVIII, "Fashion Touchdown" is a collection of 48 pro football helmets that have been gussied up by clothing designers big & small. Laugh if you want, but all this outlandish headgear is being auctioned off for charity by NFL Auction until February 4th. As in, you can actually own a field-ready dome-piece encased in a cube of mirrors (above, by Rogan, bid's currently at $248 USD), and brag about how "you're doing it for the kids".

Bless you, bless fashion, and bless the rest of these:

From old-timey leather brain-buckets (shout-out to Leatherheads), to semi-battle-ready daisy camo, to quilted padding, the Americans (left to right: Billy Reid, Steven Alan, Mark McNairy) sorta got it.
But generally speaking, things got a little out of hand...
...and a little furry. Someone on Craigslist right now is penning a casual encounter ad that specifically requests candidates show up wearing one/all of these helmets.
Those NYC-building spikes would make a spearing penalty downright horrific. This isn't the XFL, Bloomingdale's!
Finally, here's Helmet Lang, by Helmut Lang. We'll just leave that there.

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