Who We Are
Great style doesn't have to be expensive. JackThreads exists because we believe style, quality, and everyday value should be easily accessible. Style risk taking is about daring to try something new.
Our Crew
We are creators, makers, collectors, thinkers, inspiration-seekers, pizza lovers, and general enthusiasts. Collectively and collaboratively, we work to change the way men shop. We like clothing, but we’re more interested in the story behind it, how it ends up in your hands, and what you choose to do with it after that. Above all, we think that good things come to those who try.
Our History
Since 2008, JackThreads has been motivated by the belief that what you buy is just as important as how you buy it. We were founded in a bedroom in Columbus, OH, with the goal of bringing a curated range of up-and-coming brands to guys at accessible prices. In October 2015, we launched our namesake collection of quality basics and everyday essentials, intended to complement our existing offerings and create a one-stop shop for a well-rounded wardrobe. Beyond products, we recognize the value of great customer service, and are continuously evolving and innovating to offer the best experience possible. We’re not just working to establish the best online shopping destination, we’re working to build the best way and place to shop, period.
Our Leadership Team
  • Mark Walker
    Chief Executive Officer
    Was going to name his daughter "Young Sky Walker" but his wife intervened...
  • Tina Falzarano
    SVP, Finance
    Can make a SERIOUSLY mean margarita.
  • Talia Fisher
    Director, Product & UX
    Once watched all 16 seasons of Law & Order: SVU in sequential order. It took several years.
  • Jacqueline Forneiro
    VP, Commerce
    Was once hit by a car while crossing the street. She shook it off and left the scene, she has no time for injuries.
  • Tony Kretten
    Creative Director
    Also serves as Head Gardener and Coat Hanger Reorganizer.
  • Ryan McIntyre
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Took this picture, sans hat, under protest.
  • Mark O’Neill
    Chief Technology Officer
    Used to own a nightclub in Buenos Aires.
  • Jason Rosser
    Director, Customer Experience
    Once ate soap after losing a no-cursing bet with his daughter.