With skate gear that reflects and embraces the unlimited potential of youth, Altamont Apparel was founded in 2006 to inspire guys to dream bigger and unleash their truest selves. A skate brand designed by real skateboarders (instead of just being skateboard-inspired), Altamont makes tees, hoodies, and sweaters that uphold the rebellious, creative expression of skating. Their tie-dyes and irreverent prints are meant for guys to showcase uniqueness and wear their personality on their sleeves, inspiring others and promoting inventive progress.
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Altamont Vamo Hoody
Altamont Spansive Henley
Altamont Alameda Slim Denim Short
Altamont Fader Way Tee
Altamont Electric Clouds Tee
Altamont Steader Jacket
Altamont Seeing Shirt
Altamont Bowed Shirt
Altamont High Noon Tee
Altamont Larrado Tee
Altamont Railway Felt Hat
Altamont Boulle Shirt Jacket
Altamont Royan Crew
Altamont Abrasion Pocket Tee
Altamont Railway Fedora