Dark Seas
As the brother to biker gang-influenced brand Loser Machine Company, Dark Seas Division makes nautical-inspired streetwear for a look that’s more “cigar stub and bottle of rum” than “champagne on a yacht”. Paying homage to blue collar seaside workers, Dark Seas specializes in graphic tees, shirt jackets, hoodies, and hats that are the antithesis of preppy, country club dressing.
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Dark Seas Barracuda Shirt
Dark Seas Crossjack Bucket Hat
Dark Seas Oiler Boonie Hat
Dark Seas Underside Tee
Dark Seas Oreboat Henley
Dark Seas Waterpark Hoodie
Retail $64.50
Dark Seas Anchorage Jacket
Retail $89
Dark Seas Foulie Jacket
Retail $132.50