Loser Machine
Founded in 2009 by skateboarder Adrian Lopez, Loser Machine Company is a skate company that goes beyond a basic roster of graphic tees. With leather gloves, denim jackets, and woven floral button-downs, Loser Machine gives a jolt of rebellion to tired streetwear, inspired by traditional craftsmanship. As the brother company to Dark Seas, Loser Machine Company’s graphic tees, athletic-inspired shirts, hoodies, and beanies are skate-meets-taste, and reflect a range of interests and influences in its clothing.
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Loser Machine Good Times Tee
Loser Machine Lloyd Football Tee
Loser Machine Frank Beanie
Loser Machine Beers Tee
Loser Machine Sidewinders Tee
Loser Machine Morris Football Shirt
Loser Machine Stamped Out Tee
Loser Machine Sparkbrook Jacket

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