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Star Wars: From Style Cues To On-Set Secrets
There are plenty of ways to prove your status as a die-hard Star Wars fan, like getting a tattoo of the Death Star across your shoulder blades or refusing to upgrade to a Quee...
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Star Wars: From Style Cues To On-Set Secrets

There are plenty of ways to prove your status as a die-hard Star Wars fan, like getting a tattoo of the Death Star across your shoulder blades or refusing to upgrade to a Queen bed because the best Star Wars bedding only comes in Twin size.

But the truest fans choose accessories that blend seamlessly with their lifestyles. The Nixon x Star Wars collection of watches, wallets, belts, and bags is just that — merging Nixon’s standout wristwatch silhouettes with details culled directly from the ensembles and emblems of icons like Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers, and Boba Fett.

In order to wear the collection to the best of your ability, however, you need to understand the stories and sartorial motivations behind each character’s look. Read on — it’s most impressive.



Facts behind the mask:
• The sound of the laser blast from the Stormtroopers gun was made by hitting the guy-wire of a radio antenna with a hammer.

• The name "stormtrooper" comes from "Stoßtruppe," a brand of German shock troopers during WWI and WWII.

• In 2015, a stormtrooper helmet from The Empire Strikes Back was listed for $92,000 at auction.

• Stormtroopers rocked black Chelsea boots that had been painted white for the movie.

• In Star Wars lore, the body glove worn under Stormtrooper armor was designed to disperse the energy of a blaster bolt. It also has insulation properties and regulates body temperature during physical exertion. It could also act as a compression sleeve to stop or minimize bleeding.

• The Stormtrooper blaster (E-11) was based on the Sterling L2A3 submachine gun. Many of the props were still operational during filming, and were loaded with blanks. The gun posed an issue because of its left-loading magazine: right-handed actors would hit their armor when drawing it. For this reason, most Stormtroopers are left-handed.

Style tip: A Stormtrooper costume consists of 18 different pieces. Eighteen. Your outfit is way more than just a pair of pants and a shirt. Learn to layer and pay attention to accessories and small details like pocket squares, socks, and tie bars to maximize your style potential.

Darth Vader

Facts behind the mask:
• Darth Vader’s mask was developed based on a sketch by artist Ralph McQuarrie (who worked on similarly iconic films like Battlestar Galactica and E.T.).

• The costumes of Star Wars villains are inspired by fascist figures, while the good guys’ borrow from American Wild West movies. As such, Darth Vader’s helmet is based on World War II era German Stahlhelm helmets and gas masks.

• Vader’s armor was influenced by the costume of The Lightning on the TV series The Fighting Devil Dogs, as well as Marvel Comics figure Doctor Doom.

• Darth Vader’s mechanical breathing was created by sound designer Ben Burtt by fitting a microphone inside the breathing mechanism of a scuba mask. The character of Vader was initially developed with emergency room-esque beeps as a product of his life-support armor, but due to the distracting nature of perpetual beeping, all of the sound effects were nixed (with the exception of his breathing, of course).

• Darth Vader was initially sketched wearing a silk scarf over his mask, rather than a helmet.

Style tip: Head-to-toe monochrome can be done if, and only if, you vary your textures and tones. For example, pair a black cashmere sweater with a dark gray blazer (different color) and black jeans (different texture).

Boba Fett

Facts behind the mask:
• The character that became Boba Fett was intended to be Darth Vader, but as Vader evolved into something greater, Boba Fett filled the role of bounty hunter.

• Boba Fett’s armor is a subdued hue in order to reflect his “gray morality” and place him between the army of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

• Boba Fett’s armor is symmetrical, but is painted is varying colors to look scavenged (reflecting his status as a lone ranger).

• The dent in Boba Fett’s helmet was included in very early sketches, rather than being added as a finishing detail.

• Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, couldn’t see through Boba Fett’s mask, and had to count his steps when he moved.

• The personality of Boba Fett was inspired by Clint Eastwood’s character in A Fistful of Dollars. The sound he makes incorporates the jangling of spurs in order to reflect this.

Style tip: Study the color wheel. Boba Fett balances three different colors. Either he has an inherent eye for matching, or he just did his homework. Once you know which colors pair well with each other (and which don’t), putting an outfit together becomes much easier.