Whether it’s the stitches on a leather watch band or custom rivets on a wallet, Nixon’s attention to detail sets its accessories -- and you -- apart. From waterproof sport watches to more formal gold and leather timepieces, Nixon’s heritage is rooted in time-tellers, but has expanded to include wallets, belts, and headphones, all of which boast a style-meets function aesthetic and high-quality construction. It’s the kind of gear you don’t know you need until you see it, and the kind of stuff that can’t be ignored.
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Nixon Blur Bi-Fold Wallet
Nixon Snazzy Tri-Fold Wallet
Retail $15.50
Nixon Thayer Big Wallet
Retail $38.50
Nixon Ace Belt
Retail $30
Nixon Bent Slim Belt
Retail $75
Nixon Americana Weave Belt
Retail $40
Nixon Faction Reversible Belt
Retail $25
Nixon Snazzy Tri-Fold Wallet
Retail $15.50

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