As one of the most innovative brands in the world, Staple's hoodies, snapbacks, tees, joggers, and jackets embody the grit and relentless attitude of New York City. Founded by Jeff Staple in 1997, the brand now encompasses a clothing line, design studio, and renowned boutique and art gallery, Reed Space. Street-minded silhouettes and high-fashion details make Staple’s wares must-have, wardrobe stand-outs. The brand's pigeon logo serves as a positive social contagion, spreading creative ideas and innovation, and encouraging guys like you to join Staple with the battle cry, #flockwithus.
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Staple Titan Sweatshirt
Staple Lunar Logo Snapback
Staple Grand Slam Hoodie
Staple Kramer Denim Joggers
Staple Java Denim Joggers
Staple Vail Pigeon Tee
Staple Highland Longsleeve Tee
Staple Stealth Pigeon Tee
Staple Vail Pigeon Sweatshirt
Staple Hobart Longsleeve Tee
Staple Ripley Sweatshirt
Retail $68.50
Staple Compass Tee
Staple Latitude Shirt
Staple Biggie Pigeon Tee