Founded in 2002 as a premium sneaker store, Undefeated (stylized UNDFTD) founded a clothing line to complement the premium, athletic-meets-military aesthetic of their shop. An underground, urban lifestyle brand appealing first to sneakerheads, Undefeated makes sports-inspired pieces and technical athletic gear for clothing that can be worn to hit the gym or the bar. The brand’s five-strike logo makes its way onto sweatshirts, tees, beanies, snapbacks, and jackets as a symbol of undefeated (and unconquerable) confidence and individuality.
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Undftd Technical II Undershort
Undftd Technical II Running Tights
Undftd Basic Running Tights
Undftd Inter League Jersey
Retail $55.50
Undftd Undefeated Basic Hoodie
Undftd Primetime Sweatshirt
Retail $62.50
Undftd Done Changed Tee
Retail $28.50
Undftd Sack Em Tee
Retail $28.50
Undftd Conflict New Era Beanie
Retail $28
Undftd 5 Strike Football Tee
Retail $28.50
Undftd Splatter 5 Strike Tee
Undftd Undftd Big 5 Tee
Undftd High School Pro Tee
Retail $28
Undftd Track II Shorts
Retail $66.50
Undftd Arena 5 Strike Tee
Retail $28.50

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