KR3W was founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, KR3W has embodied everything we feel is right about skateboard culture: Independence, creativity and originality. KR3W's K Slim jean simultaneously revolutionized the industry and established KR3W as a brand known for innovation and unique vision. KR3W manufactures a full collection of denim, woven shirts and shorts, outerwear, accessories, and footwear for today's forward-thinker who prefers to always lead and never follow. We work with the most talented skaters, musicians and artists that have contributed their own signature styles to a wide-ranging denim assortment. KR3W features some of the best and most relevant denim cloths, treatments and washes while delivering proprietary cuts and fits at competitive price points. KR3W is sold at better skate shops, boutiques and specialty stores worldwide. Filthy KR3W forever.
Q+A With KR3W
Everyone who works for your brand... an individual that is down for their KR3W.
What's one piece of clothing that will never go out of style?
Pants. Especially denim pants. As long as humans have crotches, they're going to need something to cover their junk.
What's one company that inspires you outside of the clothing/sneaker/fashion industry?
Most of the major breweries provide ample inspiration.
Name a person, dead or alive, that represents your brand's attitude.
Erik Ellington is one of the founders of KR3W and he pretty much represents anything that KR3W stands for. He's a legendary pro skater, he's able to seamlessly transfer between styles, he's a true individual, he's wise, he's a cool dude and his nickname is "The Mule."
Give one piece of advice to someone starting off in the clothing/sneaker/fashion industry.
Don't forget to wipe.
If money were no object, where would you shoot your next lookbook?
If money were no object, we probably wouldn't bother shooting a look book because who needs a look book when money is no object?
Name 3-5 songs that are played regularly in your office.
Motley KR3W, KR3W-tac, KR3Wtang--anything that inspires KR3W to continue making aspirational products for independent spirits.
  • "The KR3Wdown" - The Clash
  • "Positive KR3Wpact" - Deltron
  • "Raining KR3W" - Slayer
  • "Chug-A-KR3W" - Roger Miller

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