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What is your full brand name?
Poler Outdoor Stuff
Where and when was your brand founded?
We were founded 2 years ago in Portland, Oregon
What is one piece of clothing that will never go out of style and why?
Pants because well, they cover everyone's legs.
What’s one company that inspires you outside of the clothing/sneaker/fashion industry and why?
Justin's Peanut Butter because I love peanut butter and they do it right!
Name a person, dead or alive, that represents your brand’s attitude.
Werner Herzog. Filmmaker, Roamer, Seeker of truth, Genius.
Give one piece of advice to someone starting off in the clothing/sneaker/fashion industry.
Get a degree in business and find a financial backer before you begin. The cool creative part of the business is 10% of the reality of the business.

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