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Pron: (Trehn-ur-spot-ur)

Part of speech: noun

Definition:  A person whos hobby is seeking and collecting sneakers. Can also be used to describe someone that is specific on detail or obsessed with trivia or minority subjects/hobbies such as music and fashion. A contemporized use of the term Trainspotter as a spoonerism or phonetic play on words. Also written Trainer-Spotter

Usage: Slang
Q+A With Trainerspotter
What's one piece of clothing that will never go out of style?
The t-shirt! It's a utilitarian design classic. The t-shirt epitomizes the concept of style as intentional communication, it's a blank canvas that can be manipulated in whatever manner required, effectively a walking billboard. Everything from the cut and silhouette to the design printed on it or the colour of the t-shirt is a signifier and sends a message out.
What's one company that inspires you outside of the clothing/sneaker/fashion industry?
Drag City Records. Independent record label that maintains it's integrity and has not sold out.
Name a person, dead or alive, that represents your brand's attitude.
Athlete Steve Prefontaine. He was unorthodox, an individual and had real integrity. His values were "to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
Give one piece of advice to someone starting off in the clothing/sneaker/fashion industry.
Have a geniune concept. There are too many brands out there that just assimilate ideas from other brands. If you have a clear concept that drives you, your brand will have more integrity and appeal.
If money was no object, where would you shoot your next lookbook?
Yosemite or Hawaii. Beautiful but rugged locations that reflect the brands influences and references.
Name 3-5 songs that are played regularly in your office.

  • "Break It Up" - Rocket From The Crypt
  • "Too Young" - Phoenix
  • "Troublesome Houses" - Bonnie Prince Billy
  • "Erotic City" - Prince
  • "Crocketts Theme" - Jan Hammer

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