Alex James

Alex James
Considered a vintage expert, Alex James got his start scouring thrift stores throughout New York and New Jersey and selling his rare finds out of his locker. James has since graduated to selling wholesale vintage at Brooklyn Flea, and shipping his finds to his many clients around the world. Now one of the game's most trusted voices on vintage, James has managed to turn his long-held appreciation for the past into a bona fide art form. 
Alex James of Sons Vintage has been in the vintage game for over a decade, buying stuff by the container from foreign ports and picking through it by hand to find absolute gems. He's giving Jack members first crack at some of his finest vintage basketball gear, usually only available at his booth at Brooklyn Flea.
Q+A With Alex James
If you could explore one continent -- but only that continent -- for the rest of your life, which would you choose and WHY?
I have always had a fascination with Europe. It offers so much while being one of the smallest continents. It's the land of forward thinking. I wouldn't ever get bored.
Fill in the blanks: A good movie is like ______
...because they're both ______
A bad movie is like ______
Horrible Mexican food
...because they both ______
Make you sh*t.
Jordans, Dunks, Eras, Timbs, or other? Why?
Cons Chuck Taylors. Timeless American classics.
When you were growing up, what was the one piece of clothing you were desperate to own? Do you still want it now?
I always begged my mom to take me to the surf shop and buy me Stussy gear. They always had weird graphics with cool colors. I still wear Stussy today!
What are 5 songs on your playlist right now?
Now playing:
  • Kendrick Lamar: "Poetic Justice"
  • Moon Boots: "Got Somebody"
  • Chinx Drugz ft. French Montana: "I'm a Cokeboy"
  • Trinidad Jame$: "Females Welcomed"
  • TNGHT: "Buggin"

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