Although he was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Donnis didn't start officially rapping until he was stationed in Japan. Now 25, Donnis spent four years in the U.S Air Force, where his military colleagues saw promise in his skill and urged him to perform at local clubs. Soon after he decided to finally pursue a career in the rap industry.
In anticipation of his curated JackThreads "back to school" streetwear sale (not to mention the August 28th release of "Break Hundreds and Hearts" on Fools Gold Records!), the ATL's XXL-lauded up-and-comer put 60 seconds on the clock to spit about Drake, Rick Ross, and the trials of batting clean-up for both those dudes. 
Q+A With Donnis
If you could explore one continent -- but only that continent -- for the rest of your life, which would you choose and WHY?
I think I would explore Asia. I love Asian women, food, and culture. I lived in Tokyo for 3 years and didn't explore Asia the way I should have. I was too caught up in Tokyo's women, food, and culture. Ha.
Jordans, Dunks, Eras, Timbs, or other? Why?
My preferred footwear is really anything comfortable. Comfort is at the top of my list whenever I am getting dressed.
When you were growing up, what was the one piece of clothing you were desperate to own? Do you still want it now?
As a kid my mom wouldn't buy me Reebok Pumps to save my life. She bought any other clothing I wanted - I had Jordans, Nautica, Hilfiger and Polo for days. She just wasn't feeling the Reebok Pump hype. Yes, I copped me some Reebok Pumps now (THE BENEFITS OF BEING AN ADULT).
Good music, good house, good friends, good clothes/shoes, good food. Which one of these could you live without, and why?
I think I would do without the good house, because if the music, friends, food and my gear are good, everything else will work its way out. I’ll meet a bad b*tch with a good house (playa playa).
What are 5 songs on your playlist right now?
Now playing:
  • Nirvana: "Come As You Are (Unplugged)"
  • Nirvana: "Man Who Sold the World (Unplugged)"
  • Treated Crew: "All Black"
  • Regina Spektor: "Hero"
  • Regina Spektor: "Us"

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