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Outasight wants to take you back to a time when he, a Yonkers-bred hip-hop artist, was just a college dropout working 12-hour shifts on the fryer at a takeout restaurant. Back to his road trips with friends - windows down, Manhattan-bound on the FDR ("because we were so broke, and you can take the FDR without having to pay a toll" he explained), searching for a rave, drum 'n bass club, or open mic where he could freestyle. But the artist is also looking forward -- crushing the airwaves with hits like "Tonight Is the Night" and "I'll Drink to That". 

Q+A With Outasight
If you could explore one continent -- but only that continent -- for the rest of your life, which would you choose and WHY?
Europe and live like Victor from The Rules of Attraction.
Fill in the blanks: A good movie is like ______
A good meal
...because they're both ______
A bad movie is like ______
A hangover
...because they're both ______
A headache.
Jordans, Dunks, Eras, Timbs, or other? Why?
Chucks. 100 years of sneakers can’t be wrong.
When you were growing up, what was the one piece of clothing you were desperate to own? Do you still want it now?
Green Doc Martens in 8th grade. I wanted to one-up all my punk rock peers. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I do not own them any longer.
Good music, good house, good friends, good clothes/shoes, good food. Which one of these could you live without, and why?
Good house. After living in New York my whole life, small apartments have become a normal thing anyhow. Good music is most important, and you can share that with good friends. Food and friends goes too. And you can’t make friends without good clothes (kidding).
What are 5 songs on your playlist right now?
Now playing:
  • Jamie Lidell: "What a Shame"
  • Big Boi ft. A$AP Rocky: "Lines"
  • Gary Clark Jr.: "Blak & Blu"
  • Tame Impala: "Elephant"
  • Bob Dylan: "She Belongs to Me"

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