Spring ahead: 5 patterns to wear this season

While most of us are suffering through the depressing tail end of winter, a slew of brands recently dropped patterned threads and bags that will bring some much needed color back into your life (we can't do much about that pasty skin, though). Here’s the stuff you need to get ready for the sunnier spring days that lie ahead.

We power-ranked the 14 preppiest brands available today, 'cause Mumsy told us to
Geometric Designs
What it is
: Oxford Lads button down ($85)
Why we like it: Go bold with a kaleidoscope print, but wear it with solid pants or under a light jacket to avoid a vertigo-inducing vibe.
Nature Prints
What it is
: Brixton Beacon trunks ($52)
Why we like it: The length of these trunks will make you appear trimmer, and the standout geology pattern will draw eyes away from your hibernation-bulked torso.
What it is
: Vans OTW Mili Stripe Prelow ($90)
Why we like it: These ocean-y topaz kicks were made to be paired with solid pants (dark jeans or chinos), but your shirt doesn't have to match — a third color will pull everything together.
Contrast Cuff Pants
What it is
: Woolf Cuffed Selvedge Denim ($39)  
Why we like it: When you're wearing a lot of patterns, rock this dark denim rolled down. If the rest of your kit is solid, roll up the cuffs for some extra flavor.

What it is: Herschel Supply x Liberty of London collection ($70-138)
Why we like it: Liberty of London's intricate floral prints are world-renowned, and together with the full-grain leather detailing on these bags, they've got enough Spring energy to carry you through 'til the actual season shows up.

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