8 simple steps to tying the perfect bow tie

So you've bought the suit, and your shirt collar game is on point, but the whole thing is still missing... something. Tie it all up nicely with the right finishing touch: a bow tie, because nothing says you're a man of distinction like some notable neckwear and a well-placed pun.

Of course, to try the bow means you must learn how to tie the bow. Never done it before? It's not nearly as tough as it seems. Here's 8 easy, diagrammed steps to show you how to do the damned thing.

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Step 1: Drape the tie around your neck, under your collar. Leave the right side a little longer than the left.
Step 2: Cross the longer right end over the shorter left end.
Step 3: Make a loose overhand knot by passing the longer end through the gap between your neck and tie. 
Step 4: Throw that long end over your shoulder and fold the shorter one up over itself at the widest part to make a bow shape. (This will be the top part of the completed tie.)
Step 5: Drop the still-dangling long end over the front of the folded bit.
Step 6: Fold the right end back so that it and the left folded end are pinched together, with the loose end hanging between them.
Step 7: Fold up the loose end in the middle and pass it through the hole that now exists behind the front bow.
Step 8: Pull carefully on the two folded sides to tighten the knot up. Your bow is now set but remember, confidence completes the carriage!

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