A cute florist ID'ed our favorite floral patterns for spring

You've always known that floral prints and Spring go together like Kate Upton and zero gravity. But, as you begin to bust out your freshest patterns for the warm weather days, have you ever caught yourself wondering, “Self, what kind of flowers am I wearing right now?”

Yeah, alright, neither had we… until we ran into Taylor Patterson, the charming florist over at Fox Fodder Farms in Brooklyn, NY, and wanted an excuse to talk to her. Turns out, flowers (and your fly floral prints) can say a lot of different things. Make sure the ones you're giving, and the ones you're wearing, are sending the right signal for the moment.

A U.S. Army soldier analyzes your civilian camo
Elwood Floral Jogger
“Cherry says spring and new beginnings, while peonies are symbols of romance, prosperity, and longevity. A bouquet of peonies and cherry blossoms together is the perfect way to say ‘Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy… but here's my number and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’"

In other words: Unless you want to double as the male version of overly attached girlfriend, just let these joggers do the talking. Pull 'em off -- with a clean, white shirt & low-tops -- and you'll exhibit fashion prowess and self-confidence.
Bellfield Lancaster Shirt
“Plum blossoms have been used as a symbol of strength and endurance… Best friend just completed their first triathlon? Send them a plum arrangement to say, ‘Way to go, you.’"

In other words: Wear this shirt out to those post-triathlon drinks (and pick up the first celebratory round).
Woolf Cuffed Shirt
“Blue Star flowers are sweet and discreet -- a nice little gesture without a big fuss.”

In other words: The buds on this button-down do the same: pack a printed punch without screaming, "I'M HERE EVERYONE!" To balance things out, pair with a relatively simple five panel and solid bottoms.
Afends Lilyfame Button Down
“Also known as African Lilies, Gloriosa’s are exotic and vibrant. They’re a really good statement flower all on it's own, and perfect if you want to attract. These are great for a party.”

In other words: Go on, you handsome bastard, attract away. Cuff the sleeves once or twice for a party-ready look. 
Akomplice 5 Panel Hat
“Bright and bold, Dahlias are the perfect ‘In your face, I don't give a f*ck flower’. Buy ‘em in mass, put them all over your pad, and spoil yourself.”

In other words: See above, and do it with this statement-making hat. Boom. 

Afends Swan Dive Shirt
“Traditionally, Camellias are the symbol for desire and passion, and indicate a longing for that special someone. Give them when you want to say ‘I want you’, without actually having to say it.”

In other words: Much to the delight of Dwight Schrute, this on-trend short-sleeve -- more thoughtful than a tee, but less stuffy than a full-on button-down -- is just right for a date.
Huf Sutter
"These tropical beauties make me think of sunshine... and pina coladas… on the beach. Send a little hibiscus tree to your friend's office and ignite some inspiration -- and impulsive ticket booking behavior.

In other words: These shoes are sunshine, sand, bikinis, tan lines, and everything else you love about these warm-weather months. Step in 'em, get into a vacation state of mind, and see where the day takes you.

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