What women want: all your stuff

It's no big revelation that women have been known to swipe guys’ clothes and grooming products, however, their incentives for doing so will definitely surprise you. I sat down with some of my most astute twentyish-year-old lady friends last week and asked them to elaborate on their motivations for making your goods, their goods. From stories about puppy-loving Colombian strippers to an unquenchable desire to gain a personal souvenir from a night well-spent, here are the quotes straight from the ladies’ mouths:

I've never heard the "Walk of Shame" referred to as a "shacker suit", but I'm definitely on board with this term.
Now THAT'S risky business!! You guys get it? The movie wi... oh, you've seen it. Cool, cool. What the fu*k!
This is all good until the dude ends up going sock-less all summer and he keeps getting told to wash his feet off every time he comes over.
WTF is a Fraturday? Here's the definition: "Fraturday". A "blog wench" on the other hand still perplexes me. But if they hang out on the fratio draped in their frattire, no thanks.

In conclusion: Keep an eye on your socks, adopt a puppy, and if you're not sure why you're attracted to her, it's probably because she's wearing your deodorant. So there it is, dudes. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

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