We asked a stylist how to rock a jersey outside the sports bar

The whole world is crazy with soccer fever, and you want to represent. But your favorite beer-stain-friendly shirt that looks "great" in a dark sports bar doesn't look great in public. We consulted our in-house style expert, Nicki Raffa, for three jersey-friendly looks that'll hold up even if you're not cheering in a stadium — rock these day or night, any time of year.

Nicki's general advice: "I recommend mixing and matching your sports jerseys with fun pieces. Prints are always a good choice, but don’t go too overboard. Wearing one colorway keeps it classic."

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Umbro USA Striped Jersey - $36

Nicki says: "The stripes on this USA jersey are multi-purpose: fashion and team spirit! Pair it with this jacket, which is a perfect lightweight piece you can wear all summer."
Umbro Mexico Soccer Jersey - $36

Nicki says: "Pairing this Mexico jersey with these shorts is a similar idea to the mixing prints look. It works because the colors blend well together. A light-colored shoe and these on-trend sunglasses complete this casual, cool look."
Umbro Brazil Soccer Jersey - $36

Nicki says: "The yellow on this Brazil jersey is a bold choice on its own. Keep the rest of your look fairly simple by pairing denim and classic aviators. The shoes work because, although printed, the color matches your denim."