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Have a three-way with a new summer blazer

Wasting money sucks. Three-ways don't. When you spend your cash on a blazer but rarely wear it... well, what's the point? Our fashion expert stylists are here to help with affordable looks that take one blazer and multiply its use by 300 percent. Do the whole matching suit thing, rock a blazer with shorts or even wear one with joggers — just take the advice below to make sure you're doing it right.

These are tips for wearing the sh*t out of your new blazer, all while being comfortable and on-trend. Pick up the aqua chino blazer in the pictures and go for the complete looks, or use them as inspiration to make your own. Click through and find other new blazers in our summer collection.

General Assembly Sun Washed Chino Blazer - $89

Joggers are casual wear, so they pair well with stylish sneakers. But, since joggers are today's equivalent of jeans, they easily balance a colorful blazer, and the trendy floral prints on this shirt and five panel hat.
adidas Originals Blue City Marathon PT
American Stitch Drawstring Jogger
Retail $60
Free Nature S/S Printed Salmon Chambray…
Retail $42
Woolf Five Panel Hat
Retail $24
General Assembly Sun Washed Chino Blazer - $89

Summer heat means shorts (with plaid lining — roll 'em up), comfy tanks, dark sunglasses and slip on sneaks. Then throw on the blazer and wear it as a simple jacket — suddenly you're on another level.
Vive Grey Stripe Tank
Retail $16
Hillsboro Matt Slip On
Retail $40
Woolf Safari Cargo Shorts
Retail $39
Sunscape Eyewear Galaxy Wayfarer
Retail $18
General Assembly Sun Washed Chino Blazer - $89

Sometimes you want (or need) to sport a full suit, even in the heat. Keep the summer style going with a bold floral print shirt, oxfords in a summer color, and a watch that does classy just as well as casual.
General Assembly Sun Washed Chino
Retail $99
General Assembly Floral SS Shirt
Retail $80
Breda Big Crown Watch
Retail $45
Hillsboro Kevin Derby
Retail $85

Nick Caruso had a navy blazer with gold buttons when he was a kid, and wore it until he understood he wasn't a ship captain. Tell him he's a landlubber on Twitter @thenickcaruso.

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