How to look cool and sweat less this summer

Just because you're an active dude prone to excessive sweating doesn't mean you're exempt from still looking presentable this summer. Whether you're in an eleventh hour meeting at the office, on a date, just eating a burrito, or any other situation that inspires you to perspire, here are 10 style tricks to keep you looking and feeling cool.

1. Wear Light Fabrics

Seersucker, linen, madras— basically all the f*ck you fabrics— are great in the warmer months. They may seem easier to wrinkle, but the pucker of these fabrics are essential for wicking moisture and keeping your shirt from sticking.

2. Untuck Your Shirt

Less layers of fabric against your skin, less propensity for perspiration. Just make sure the shirt length is appropriate for untucking or you’ll look like a tool for other reasons than sweating too much.

3. Don’t Wear An Undershirt

Double-shirting is a terrible idea when it’s 90 degrees out, particularly if that undershirt is water-retaining cotton. Yellow stains in your shirts aren't caused by sweat, but by your anti-perspirant, so there’s really no excuse for double wrapping yourself.

4. Take Cold Showers, Often

A hot shower will raise your core temperature, so opt for a cold one. Also, allegedly this improves circulation, strengthens immunity, and increases testosterone. All good things.

5. Unbutton Stuff

Shirt sleeves, mostly. It will get some air circulating up your arms. How far down you unbutton the front though is a personal choice.

6. Wear An Unlined Blazer Or Jacket

Sweaty synthetic fabrics are sneaky and often line what looks like a cool, seasonal appropriate jacket.

7. Stop Drinking Hot Coffee

Because a.) caffeine will make your core temperature rise, b.) hot drinks make you sweat, and c.) you don’t want to be that guy drinking a latte in 80 degree heat.

8. Lighter Colored Clothing

Wear light colored clothing because dark fabrics will absorb heat instead of reflecting it. Refer to this “How to dress emo” wikiHow if light-colored clothing is a challenging new venture for you.

9. Take Care Of Your Feet 

If you’re still wearing socks in this weather, make sure they’re acrylic or synthetic blend because they’ll wick away wetness. Going sockless? Two words: Gold Bond (or really any talcum body powder).

10. Shorten Up Your Hair 

One of the terrible things about sweating a lot is that it automatically makes you look messy, even if you’re not. A closer shave/shorter crop will not only be cooler for obvious reasons, it will make you look pulled together if you’re prone to profuse perspiration.