5 tricks every guy should know when buying a blazer

Clothing fit can be a tricky process, particularly when it comes to suit jackets and blazers. But if you're buying it in a real life store and not off the internet, there are 5 super simple tricks to smooth the process and make sure your fit is fluid. They are...

1. The Wall Lean

Stop yourself from buying a suit that's too big with a casual lean. If the pad strikes the wall before your shoulder, size down. The top of your arm and the shoulder pad should hit the wall at the exact same time.

2. The Hug

Hug something—yourself, the salesperson, your buddy who brought you to the store, etc— and if the jacket feels like a sausage casing, size up.

3. Give It A Finger, 1

Curl your fingers under the seam. Your jacket length should hit right where your fingers naturally curve. 

4. Give It A Finger, 2

Button the shirt all the way to the top. If you can fit one finger in comfortably, you're good to go. Two and your probably still okay, but three definitely means your collar is too big, or your neck is too small.

5. The Handshake

Feign shaking hands with yourself in the mirror, and if the jacket pulls up awkwardly, it means the armholes are way too large. Switch it out with a style or a brand with smaller armholes. 

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