Power ranking 16 of your dorm room posters

That's the promotional poster for Pink Floyd's "back" catalogue and if it wasn’t hanging on your dorm room’s white walls, it was on your neighbor’s. Somehow we all managed to decorate from the same crop of posters— you did it, I did it, the stoners across the hall did it— so I’ve ranked the 16 most popular ones below. My rating system was based mostly on personal preference, but also like 42% on the frequency in which I saw it hanging in someone’s room, and with consideration for the “OHH YEAHH!” factor.

College is a weird time rife with self-expression, experimentation, and the omnipresent impulse to fit in while you’re standing out. If a metaphor exists for this precious moment in our lives it is in our freshman year wall art. Relive it with me:


16. Periodic Table of Mixology

Also accepted: Periodic Table of Sex. It’s academics, but also sex and drinking! Juxtaposition is funny! You also had just learned the definition of “juxtaposition”.

15. Ironic "Teamwork" drinking poster

Clever and irreverent. You know what they say— it’s not called alcoholism until you graduate!

Buena Vista Pictures

14. Royal Tenenbaums

Hung with the secret intent of making sure everyone knew you we’re an intellectual absurdist. You desperately wanted to be a key player in a sub-culture clique, but were too apathetic to make it happen.

Universal Pictures

13. Scarface

Glorified egregious violence was immaterial when presented in conjunction with such deep social themes, clearly.

12. French liqueur poster

Classy, worldly. Not sure what Campari is yet, though.
Cinema V

11. The Endless Summer

Offered up some pretty mellow vibes even if you didn’t actually surf. Told girls you were laidback and just wishin’ for summer, brah. Based on a movie from the 60s, but that’s irrelevant with these chill colors. 
20th Century Fox

9. Fight Club

Best. Movie. Ever. Made. Besides number 6 The Boondock Saints. Nihilism seemed like a chill thing to explore.

8. Che Guevara 

Marxism, rebellion, Latin America, social politics, generally. You’re in college now so you’re Informed. College chicks dig the Informed.

7. College athletics 

This obviously depended on where you went to school, but if you went to a Big Ten, PRIDE WAS/IS EVERYTHING.

6. The Boondock Saints

Sooooooo underrated, you/all of us group-thought. So happy to find your people in college.

5. The Kiss

Mom wouldn’t have liked this back home but she can’t stop you now!! Also, it’s black and white, so you know, it’s art.

4. The Kramer

Demonstrated your superior sense of humor.

3. A trippy tapestry

You weren’t allowed to paint your walls but no one was stopping you from buying this sick wall hanging at the head shop with all the carved wood trinkets and burning incense sticks. Honesty, it really pulled the room together.

2. Animal House "College" sweatshirt

Because guys, we’re in college now, just livin’ that frat life. Toga! Toga! Amirite?? You might not have even seen the movie, though.

1. Bob Marley 

This mosaic is just one example but literally ANYTHING Bob Marley suffices. Being introduced to Redemption Song was positively formative, and whether or not you were sucking on steamrollers after your shift slinging bagels at the library cafe, Bob was your man.