JackThreads is Back.

A Letter from our Founder

In 2008, JackThreads launched out of my house with a rotating selection of best-in-class men’s streetwear and contemporary fashion, at attainable price points.  At the time, I was just a 20-something with a strong work ethic and a dream, but no funding and zero experience. Our site was built at my dining room table, our first warehouse was my bedroom, and our first photoshoot happened in my living room.

Some of the best ideas stem from a problem, and the JackThreads origin story is no different.  Being young, relatively broke, and single, I had a desire to stay up on style but lacked the time or funds to easily achieve that. I wanted someone to take the work out of it for me;to save me time, and money. Shopping took too long, and the brands I wanted weren’t selling to stores I could afford to shop in. I became obsessed with changing that. And out of this need… JackThreads was born.

From day one, we approached the business as having two customers: the brands we worked with and the end consumer. Providing value to both was at the core of every move we made. But that wasn’t so easy at first.  It took two years of attending trade shows to convince just six brands to work with us at launch. Six brands may not seem like a lot, but their belief in us was everything. We launched our store and built from there. Great creative, authentic product, and always-on customer service became just a few of the things we were known for. Six brands quickly went to 10, then 20, then hundreds.. Our maniacal customer focus, timed with an e-commerce revolution, proved a winning formula.  

Over the following years we reached heights I never thought possible. Being listed among Ad Age’s ”America's Hottest Brands,” Inc's ”Fashion Startups to Watch,” Entrepreneur's ”Top Retail Sites,” and as the fastest-growing men's e-commerce company on Internet Retailer's ”Top 500 List.” All this while shipping millions of orders out to our passionate customers.

And just a few years after launch, I sold the business.  Since then it’s changed ownership groups several times with the customer experience and value proposition deteriorating along the way.  

In June of 2022, I bought it back.

The world has changed in many ways since I left the business, but I’ve always felt the void left by JackThreads has yet to be filled.  Curated product for ambitious guys, expertly-crafted style guides, exclusive deals when possible, attainable price points always, reliable customer service, and an obsessive customer focus.  I’m a believer that working hard to solve a problem for your customer will always be a winning formula, and we plan to restore that mission. 

This relaunch won’t be easy, and at times, won’t be pretty.  While the future is uncertain, these are just some of our commitments to you moving forward:

  • The JackThreads experience will continue to improve as time goes on
  • Providing value to our customer will be at the core of everything we do
  • Customer service will be available on live channels Mon – Friday from 9am -5pm EST
  • Free shipping will be available for all orders over a threshold
  • Returns and exchanges will always be easy

I also want to make myself available, which is why I’m including my personal email address below.  I want to hear from you.  Email me anytime… seriously. Let us know what you’d like to see, what you expect from us, and anything else you want to share. I want to bring back an experience that matches up with your needs, and aligns with the brand pillars we’ve always been known for: Value, Discovery, Convenience, and Integrity.

In business, nothing is given, everything is earned. I know there’s a lot of work to do, and we’re ready to dig in.  This new journey begins now.  

JackThreads is back, and so am I.

Jason Ross, Original Founder