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Accessories Q2

Learn 1

AUR = $45.5. Without AJ Morgan & Vans AUR = $104.21

Ray-Ban is a missed opportunity.

Continue to maximize fashion relevant products.

Learn 3

Our customer is willing to try-out fashion styles when the price is right.

They're going to try out fashion in a proven silhouette.

Learn 2

The keep rate for Sunglasses is 60% but if you remove AJ Morgan & Vans then the keep rate is 39%.

Top 2 kept styles are fashion.

Learn 4

All high AUR brands yield low keep rates.

Not worth the price.

Our guy is keeping lower priced point styles.

Lacking the experience.

Price sensitivity to fashion styles.

High AUR's.

Learn 5

Opportunity to bring in seasonal items earlier in the season.

Offer incentive for higher tier styles.

Better inventory management.

Penetration of the right fashion flow.

Break down page by shape. These anchor grids can improve inventory management.

Manage customer expectations.