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Tools for budding bartenders and whiskey sippers. Good spirits not included.

Everything a budding bartender needs to start shaking, muddling, and mixing. Good spirits not included.

For the frequent traveler, a pocket-sized cocktail kit is guaranteed to make long flights more enjoyable (alcohol not included).

Take your time and unwind. Oversized ice cubes melt slowly, so you can take your time and unwind without your drink getting diluted.


Because home improvement = life improvement.

Make junk mail feel luxurious and paychecks even more worthy of celebration. Or just keep it on your desk to look totally legit.


Give a gift, give a nudge, give a compliment — with handsomeness-boosting grooming gear.

Give the kind of gift someone wouldn’t think to get themselves — like pomades that make every day a good hair day.

Give a cleaner look, better shave, and well-kept bathroom with products from labels that are reshaping men's grooming.

One Size Fits All

No more monsters hiding in the closet. Give a gift that's guaranteed to fit.

Give a beanie for warm ears on cold mornings.

Pro Tip: All physical gift cards from JackThreads come with an exclusive enamel pin (which looks great on dad hats).

For that second cousin you didn't think you needed a gift for, the office Secret Santa, or just to treat yourself...

On The Go

All gifts come with an extended 60-day return window, so nobody has to get stuck with something they don’t want. Everything needed to send stuff back is included — no need for a printer, packing tape, or pre-scheduled pick-up.

Last minute? No problem. Give a gift card.