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Outdoor Stuff

We’ll let you in on a little secret — the great outdoors are right outside your window, even if the nearest tree is five blocks away. The JT team pitched a tent in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn to give urban camping a try, going back to nature without actually going off the grid.

Slim Denim
Now $20.99
Color: Natural Garment Dyed
Size: 28x30

Rule #1

Pack it in, pack it out. You may not have to worry about bears, but the city has wildlife of its own. Recycle your beer bottles (or hit up your local brewery for a reusable growler).

Neuw Denim
Ray Tapered Denim
Color: West of Sweden
Size: 28
Old Skool
Color: Black
Size: 7

Rule #2

City lights may be bright, but you’ll still need a headlamp, whether for telling ghost stories, keeping the party going long after the sun sets, or just making sure you don’t fall off the roof.

Color: Black
Size: 7

Rule #3

Wake up to watch the sunrise. (And if you don’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen.)

Rule #4

Get grillin’. While rooftop charcoal and propane grills are banned in New York, electric ones are fair game.

Rule #5

Consider a campsite near a body of water. Our rooftop spot was only a block from the Gowanus canal, and while questionably toxic and definitely not safe to swim in, you could almost catch a seaside breeze.

Rule #6

Be within reach of wifi. Just to be safe, y’know? (You’re not *actually* in the middle of nowhere.)