6 ways to cuff your denim pants

As Confucious once said: "Perfectly fitting jeans are only as good as the cuffs you roll 'em with." That's right, he totally said it, and we've totally got the hem-handling wisdom you need to get the very most out of your jeans. Skinny, pinroll, single roll, even cuffless — these 6 super-suave, stupid-simple rolling techniques will take your denim to a whole new level.

How to do it: Fold up once, then tuck the hem behind the folded portion, if you prefer.
Denim it works with: Pretty much any jeans.
Shoes you should wear: Boots, chukkas, and other wide-instep shoes (Anything too narrow will look like a slipper because this cuff doesn't taper.)
Illustrations: Carrie Dennis
How to do it: Add a few more inches to your roll to take care of any extra fabric length.
Denim it works with: Slender cuts and selvedge you want to show off. But beware short dudes: it makes your legs look squat.  
Shoes you should wear: The pronounced look is best with heavier boots & shoes. Probably not sneakers.
How to do it: Three thin, tight flips of the hem.
Denim it works with: Lighter-weight denims — anything too stiff/thick will bulk up.
Shoes you should wear: Because it's so thin, choose a lighter shoe (like a canvas sneaker) rather than a heavy boot.
The Double-Cuff
How to do it: Roll those hems up twice, but as with the "long single", be careful — this thick band can shorten your appearance from the waist down.
Denim is works with: Light to mid-weights, but something with a little more heft will look cleaner.
Shoes you should wear: Bucks, chukkas, chunky sneakers, or boat shoes... basically anything.
How to do it: Fold the hem over twice The Double-Cuff. Then slide it the rest of the way up your calf so it sits just under your knee. If you're a cyclist trying to protect your pants from chain grease, do your chain-side leg. In the summer time / when the weather is fine / you've got women on your mind both legs are fair game.
Denim it works with: Light denims, as the fabric will be bunch up around your calves.
Shoes you should wear: Sandals, light summer shoes, or bike-specific kicks.
How to do it: Pinch a 1-2" of fabric at the side before you roll from the bottom. This tapers wider cut pants. (Check the video below for a tutorial!)
Denim it works with: Longer cuts & lighter weights.
Shoes you should wear: Sneakers and any other shoes you'd like to show off, as this will keep your jeans from obstructing the view.

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