Re-Imagine the Modern Moon Boots

On the 45th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing, JackThreads and GE proudly introduce The Missions.

Designed in collaboration with Android Homme, these aren’t just shoes. They’re a salute to greatest feat mankind has ever achieved, and the steps brave and brilliant Americans might take next as they continue to dream about topping it.

What's in the Boots
Like lunar vehicles, these crowd-stoppers are extremely limited-edition. They don’t only evoke the spirit of space travel with their sweet future-is-now aesthetic. Their very materials speak to the incredible technological leaps researchers had to make to ensure terrible, terrible things didn’t happen to our astronauts as they exposed their all-too-human bodies to the universe. Non-Rigid Stabilized Carbon Fiber technology, also found in jet engine and wind turbine blades, helps provide the structure. Reflective Material utilized by the aviation and energy industries will ensure admirers notice your feet even in the endless darkness. Your pair will also be armed with hydrophobic coating so water-soaked shoes and clinging ice will never slow you down again. And of course thermoplastic elastomers will give you the best of rubber and plastic, because why choose one when you can use hyper-advanced processes to secure the services of both. 

Again, there aren’t many of these to go around. Grab a pair now, before your opportunity goes supernova.